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This is such a special day for me and my husband.

We have been married for 25 years!

I don’t think when we drove to Kipperman’s Wedding Chapel in southeast Houston that morning either of us really believed we would “last”!

We went thru with getting married on a wing and a prayer!

The following photos will explain why!

Street view of Kipperman’s Pawn Shop and Wedding Chapel Image property of


Mr. Kipperman ran a pawn shop as well as a wedding chapel.

Image property of


He was also a Justice of the Peace, and he would marry you for FREE if you bought your wedding rings from him!

This is exactly what it says! Mr. Kipperman would marry you while you stayed in the car! Image property of

I was blessed enough that day for my then fiance’ to agree to “get out of the car” and get married in the chapel!

This is the sweet little gazebo that served as our outside wedding venue!
Image property of


This is us after the promises were made!

Seriously, it’s been a wonderful 25 years, and we laugh often about our “Drive thru Say I Do” wedding! 

We have lots of great memories together.

I hope we make millions of more memories for many years to come.

For our anniversary I made two cards. 

Silver is the 25th anniversary!


We both love flowers and we both like the color red!


I have really enjoyed sharing with you today, and I thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me!

I will have a joyful rest of my day spending it with the man I love deeply!


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