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Keep it Simple!

One of the great things about a simple card is the impact. While a straightforward and simple card may not have a bunch of elements, it pulls you in with something. The color, the sentiment or just the layout.

I hope these cards will so that for you.


Paint with Ink Pads

I created these cards with the Dainty Flowers Stamp set and I used Simon Hurley Inks for the coloring. I just “smooshed” a little ink on my work surface and used a paint brush to fill in the stamped images using a watercolor safe ink.

Simple Sentiment 

I chose very simple sentiments for these cards so that there is plenty of room for interpretation for the receiver. For example, the simple sentiment of “Love Boldy” is a great card for an engagement card, or even a wedding. It might just be advice for someone you love that is embarking on new relationship. Simple, yet effective.¬†

It’s always nice to put cards together that don’t require a lot planning or thought. The cards are just nice to have in your stash, or when you need something quick and simple. Thank you for stopping by today and I hope your day is as simple as can be.





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