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Well I hope y’all had a very nice Thanksgiving! I’m so happy you stopped by today. As I said in yesterday’s post, I’m am beginning a new kind of adventure!

I recently received an email from about keeping a Gratitude Journal! (You can see the article here.)

This is something I haven’t really given a lot of thought to in the past, but with all the chaos going on in the world today, I thought it might be something I could try.

I hope you’ll consider coming on the journey too.

I rescued this journal from a stack of books at the Goodwill store! So not a huge investment, but I loved the colors and the quote, so I bought it. 

Thanks to the article I can put it to use! 

I even downloaded some of their pintables to adhere to some of my pages. 

I am going to take the advice from the article and start with just 2-3 days a week at first so I don’t get overwhelmed. I want this to be an endeavor I want to do, not something I have to do!

I know from past experience that being grateful for the many wonderful things in my own life helps keep me grounded on what is important, and focused on the positive.

So, find yourself an old notebook or the like, and begin your gratitude journal too!

Thanks for stopping by today.


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