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Hey Y’all!

It’s week 3 on the Crawl, Walk, Run Challenge over at Bloom Crafters.

Nicole Watt, the fabulous instructor challenged us again this week by teaching a new technique for creating backgrounds with stencils and watercolors! I hadn’t seen this technique before, and it really plays well with the other stuff we’ve learned.

Same Stamp Set-

But with the different techniques we are learning, we are also getting really interesting looks out of this great set from Picket Fence Studios.

Each lesson of the challenge we are building on previous techniques, and its wonderful how things are coming together.

To Glitter or Not!

I’m a NOT, when it comes to glitter!

However, when you use glitter cardstock-you lose the mess! Win! Because I love adding some shine and sparkle, but not the mess!


I appreciate you spending time with me today.



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